A Street Dragon Named Forgiveness

Forgiveness as a Spiritual Rite. . .

“May I live in freedom through forgiveness. May I have an upright heart.”

Forgiveness is recognised as a spiritual rite and a necessary practise for the Ninzuwu practitioner to achieve purity. Why is that? Why do we say….we must forgive? What is so important about forgiving people or situations that have wronged us….or have made us “feel” hurt or unfairly treated…put down …or even, angry? Shouldn’t it be the onus of the other party? Does the burden necessarily need to fall on “me”?! Isn’t this what we think, sometimes? Isn’t it difficult to let go of these moments…that seem somehow frozen in time? And why is it that this response happens?

What happens to the body when unforgiveness is present

There is a reason why we feel “stuck” when unforgiveness is presenting in our consciousness. First, let us look at the root of unforgiveness. What causes it? Without laying blame, let us see that there is initially, an experience which is experienced by the experiencer…and this experience is perceived as hurtful, or humiliating, angering ….there are number of expressions that it could take. The effect of this painful experience manifests itself in the experiencer as a type of subatomic shell. This “shell” is a constrictor of consciousness. It prevents permeation of proper energy flow from manifesting itself in its fullest vitality. What this shells influence effectively translates to is a type of spiritual and emotional residue which builds up, and the longer it remains “uncleaned”the greater the amount of toxic quality is created. Very often, we find that others may say or do offensive things that may bind us in a certain way, and the immediate response which comes is automatically one of “closing up” within oneself, as a method of self preservation (the Shell in full effect) and retaliating, generally by means of lashing out with negative comments and thoughts or indifference. (Remember indifference, not hate, is the absence of love). This is also a manifestation of the Shell of Unforgiveness.

What are the Benefits of the Shell of Unforgiveness?

Shells can be great things especially when they offer protection from harm. The Shell of Unforgiveness, however, actually protects you from the present moment. It separates you from full Consucousness and this blocks the process of detoxification of subtle and gross matter from the system. These stored toxic feelings and hurts from the past remain locked into oneself through the Shell. And the Shell is very unforgiving! It does not allow one to escape… It keeps those past hurts that were inflicted by others , bound to the Self on a cellular and subconscious level.

This blocks the manifestation of Consciousness in its fullest expression.  How so?        It keeps that moment in time, where the experience first was created bound to the body through the Shell. The only way to clear this is to create the passageway for release just as lungs are only able to breathe when obstruction is cleared away, all mucous and phlegm and debris systemically flushed out. Once the purification of the lungs has happened and there is cleansing…the air flows in freely. There is oxygen. There is life! The rite of Forgiveness clears away debris of negative experiences that have been consciously and unconsciously locked within the cells.

The Ninzuwu Rites of Forgiveness

Forgiveness means that one is free from resentment, free from compulsion, or the mechanical reactions of resentful enslavemnt. It is only proper that the Ninzuwu make a rite of forgiveness and apply it within their study and work. When we are reminded of those who have erred against us, we must not give way to resentment. We must remember that resentment is a state of impurity. during times such as this, speak to that memory by saying:

Woh-pay whoo-nn-bee-oot  mill-da eh-ph-oot-eehz toh-she  she-an

Peace be unto you in Memory!

Sacred Text of the Ghost Dragon Kotodama

This is a daily dose of freedom, to wit, one who is free is avsilanle to the present moment, has access to the “No Mind” and is available to be a vehicle of Divine Love. This is the sacred path of the Ninzuwu. It is beautiful, for one who has been wounded and bears no malice is a pure and shining soul. The Torah speaks about this in the metaphor of the refiners finer….as the dross is purged away from silver.

We have this in very real and practical terms, at our disposal through the Rite of Forgiveness, freedoms from the shell and an entrance into walking in love and purity.

You are encouraged to sharpen yourself daily with these intentions. It is kindness and compassion embodied,not just to the other, but to yourself.

Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts and any relevant experiences here with us.

I wish you blessings and peace though pure Divine Love and the abundant blessings of forgiveness.

Yours in Grace,

Celestial Maiden


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