Ancestral Veneration

Ancestral veneration is one of the most important aspects of Ninzuwu spirituality, both in daily practice, meditations, and rituals. In the history of the Necronomicon Tradition initiation is based on entering the sea, where departed souls a purified before beginning their next phase of life. When the initiate makes this same journey in life, their life is made pure and they establish a relationship with the heavenly bodies that rule over the realms of the deceased, nature spirits, and those who have departed.

In Ninzuwu Shinto, it is believed that humanity is still living in its primitive stages and the wheel of reincarnation, often described in esoteric lore as the running waters, will continue in its cycle and by means of such, humanity will develop and reach maturity. The four stages of man’s development are the Hunter-Gather Stage, Civilization Stage, Globalization Stage, and Celestialization Stage.

Within the stages of humanity’s development is the guiding structure of the Divine World, which is called Nyarzir in the language of Ninzuwu. Nyarzir direct the consciousness of life in its three phases, Heaven, the Land of the Living, and the Netherworld. The spirits that live in the three realms are assigned specific tasks for distinct purposes that are essential in life’s evolution. Those who have recently departed must transgress the seven planetary gates and are afterwards assigned duties of guardianship over the relatives that still live in the Land of the Living. This is how departed souls are able to gain rank in the spiritual world. The Netherworld consists of energies that serve in a capacity similar to the human body’s reproductive and digestive system.


Shrine of Ninzuwu

Adherents of Ninzuwu Shinto are admonished to give honor to their living relatives and community elders. It is believed that one of the main vehicles by which our departed ancestors communicate with us is through other relatives, though not limited to such in every circumstance. Celestial bodies are more akin to send messages to us through friends or certain marked coincidence. It is only the Netherworld that uses methods of mysterious phenomena to convey its messages. It is by means of a Ninzuwu Shrine that the initiate is able to hold formal communion with these invisible powers.

A Ninzuwu Shrine is a plant of tree that is consecrated to serve an altar to communicate with energies in the three aspects of Life but also the Ghost Element, a place where the Nyarzir live. This is a very important feature of the Necronomicon Tradition as Ninzuwu initiates believe they are descendants of genii. The offerings made to both Heaven and the Netherworld, is the life-force energy found in our own breath, which is called the Cup of the Fahmu.