In the so-called modern world, terms like polytheism seem to denote some sort of primitive form of spirituality, when in fact, it was a synthesis of how to define the subtle energy that permeates throughout all objects and animates all living things. So in ancient times, a body of water, or an ocean, was considered to be a deity. Now the fact that this ocean was considered to be a deity should not be interpreted in the same manner of how Christians worship Jesus, but as a force of influence upon the environment. Other objects of nature were also deified based on their influence over the environment. These forces were scientifically categorized based on how much subtle energy they emitted into the atmosphere and their influence on objects in the surrounding area, which led to its placement in the hierarchy of natural forces. These forces were recorded in history as pagan gods, making it easy for the layman to understand them. These forces were also measured by the influence they had on the emotional constitution of animals and humans. Since man possessed an abundance of subtle, or life-force energy, he could use this energy to alter the influence of a powerful force by calling its name (vibrational formulae) and speaking to the energy that resonated behind the said object, be it animal, plant, or star. Speech is vibration, and how words and letters are put together affect other objects vibrating on a subtle level. The enunciation of the names of these forces matched their vibrational level, and in turn they responded in favor of man. The subtle force that is radiated by all animated life was known as fire, and the atmosphere was considered to be water. Today this science is called pagan worship.

There are also sentient being in worlds unseen by the ordinary I that we can build relationships with and learn from. For the Ninzuwu, however, deities also provide a means of cultivating certain forms of light into our being, which aids us in the transformation of our dna. This is why deities are more favorably called divine powers in Ninzuwu.

We do express faith in the consciousness of life as the creative power, who is revered as the Bride of Nyarzir, and is known in the histories of mankind as Tiamat and the Heavenly Parent, Ame yudzuru hi ame no sa-giri kuni yudzuru tsuki kuni no sa-giri no Mikoto. Other historical ancestral deities that are often beseeched for council and advice can be found in Ninzuwu