Healing Services

The Ninzuwu Shinto Monastery of the Necronomicon Tradition Inc. provides healing services for those who are suffering from physical distress and other ailments of the body and mind.  Historically, spiritual healing originated in shamanic technology and the word of those associated with other worldly beings.

Spiritual healing is a practice, though appearing to be miraculous, that operates under certain hidden laws found in nature. In Ninzuwu, we practice an ancient form of healing that was practiced in Sumer called the Light of Ishtar.

The Light of Ishtar is a tantric form of healing that can be administered at a distance or in close vicinity. It is very effective in reducing stress and removing mental blockages

Ame-no-nu-hoko Healing Method is also used in Ninzuwu to resolve more chronic illness, while promoted a prosperous environment. This form of healing involves the use of atmospheric electricity that is transformed in the body of the practitioner before transferred to the body of the practitioner.