Initiation & Membership

One of the services offered in The Ninzuwu Shinto Monastery of the Necronomicon Tradition is initiation. This is a rite of passage that changes the shape of a person’s destiny for the better, as they become part of an astral society that facilitates the decrees of Heaven and Earth.  Qualifying for initiation in Ninzuwu is something that that must be a part of the person’s destiny, which is determined by a specific divination.

Initiation is a gradual process, and each initiation relies on the work of the one before it. Each initiatory ceremony that a person undertakes is one step toward a deeper relationship with Nyarzir (divine world.)

Traditionally, knowledge of Ninzuwu is gained by means of apprenticeship. It is a faith and culture that must be learned by practice in conjunction with one’s relationship with their mentoring elders. Guidance and direction during the early initiations are given with simple tasks that help shape their understanding of what the Necronomicon Tradition is and isn’t.

The first Ninzuwu initiation is the Dehfu, or Footprints of the Crow. The Dehfu are the nine sacred letters of the Ninzuwu language, commonly referred to as the Vasuh language, that help the initiate gain a deeper understanding of the animistic worldview, the powers of the mind, the importance of memorization, and virtue. The Dehfu presents the foundational structure of the Necronomicon Tradition.

After an initiate has learned how to cultivate the Dehfu, his/her mentoring elder will assign another rite that is a little more intense in its undertakings than the previous working. Before an elder makes their decision, they must consult the powers of Nyarzir. Based on the communication they receive from Nyarzir, they will then either have the initiate remain at their present level, or introduce them to another rite of initiation.